Our Team

User Friendly Resources specializes in creating and developing high quality supplementary curriculum and teacher support materials.

  • All resources are designed with diverse learners in mind, and provide engaging and innovative ideas to supplement your teaching programmes.
  • We know about curriculum, teaching, learning and learners first-hand because our books are written by teachers for teachers.
  • Our resources are available in colour as interactive PDFs and in black and white in printed format.
  • All resources are blackline masters and come with a photocopiable licence.


We exist to serve teachers who are passionate about facilitating learning for the leaders and innovators of the future.


We envision a future world where:

  • Education empowers people of all walks of life to create opportunities for themselves
  • Future-focused educational leaders drive excellence through continuous improvement and interdependent partnerships
  • Teachers create safe, inclusive, inter-disciplinary learning environments and foster the development of 21st century skills and global citizenship competencies
  • Learners have an insatiable desire to improve their knowledge, skills and attitudes through exploration, inquiry and play
  • Parents, partners, family and friends are interested, involved and actively contributing to the learning journey
  • Quality teaching and learning resources promote rich learning opportunities in various formats – print and digital – and in multiple locations – inside and outside of the classroom
  • Everyone embraces change without fear of taking risks as part of a life-long journey of exploring the unknown and unfamiliar


We are dedicated to developing innovative, practical, creative, and engaging teaching resources that support our vision and exhibit our values. 

In short, we do good work (our resources) with good people (our authors) for the good of other people (teachers and students).


We commit to innovation and excellence and we value and encourage:

  • working interdependently with our partners (authors, teachers, and other like-minded organizations in our industry)
  • communicating clearly
  • thinking critically, creatively, and with curiosity
  • promoting individualized, inter-disciplinary learning
  • embracing cultural diversity
  • doing good work, such as service to others and building happy, healthy communities
  • having fun!


Like many great little companies User Friendly Resources also started with a great little idea and a kitchen table. Over 25 years ago a couple of science teachers were developing resources for their own classes, then photocopying them off. Come to think of it, banda (or Ditto) machines might have been involved back then! Anyway, other teachers liked the look of the materials – innovative, practical, creative, engaging – and wondered how they could get hold of them. User Friendly Resources was born. Since that day, User Friendly Resources has been committed to make your teaching lives easier.

UFR was one of the first educational publishing companies of its kind. Its long history and enviable reputation across education communities for quality and depth of educational knowledge make it unique in this regard. Over the years, we’ve moved on with times – more and more teachers are purchasing our interactive PDF e-books to use on smart boards, iPads, tablets, laptops. In operation for over 25 years and with over 700 active titles UFR has an established reputation for developing innovative, practical, creative and engaging materials.